Our goal is simple: we create beautiful, personal spaces to relax, play, and live.

Camelot Interiors is an interior design firm located in Middleton, Wisconsin. Owned and operated by Brenda Myers, our passion is creating home environments suited to each client's individual style and aesthetic.  With a wide variety of services, we at Camelot Interiors are thrilled to offer you everything from color consultations, window treatments, and custom furniture to area rugs and carpeting, wall coverings, and accessories. 

At Camelot Interiors, we work with a variety of product lines and manufacturers in order to successfully fulfill each client's desires.  In addition to our extensive line of products and custom orders, we happily provide many ready-made accessories, artwork, lamps, and small furniture pieces in our studio available for purchase during normal business hours.

Not only do we focus on living beautifully, but we also promote living healthfully.  We choose to use product lines that offer sustainable features and options that are environmentally friendly, American-made, and support a clean, safe, healthy home environment while keeping our beautiful planet healthy too.

Combining more than two decades of experience and a passion for living beautifully and comfortably, Brenda and her team are enthusiastic about taking on any design challenge you may have.  


Brenda Myers


A graduate of Illinois State University, Brenda has been involved in the design business for more than 30 years.  After a four year stint at a small interior design firm, Brenda broke out onto her own and has been working as principal of Camelot Interiors Inc. for over two decades.  Brenda is incredibly hands on in every aspect of the design, from conceptualization all the way down to the smallest details and accessories.  "One of my favorite components of the decorating process is the accessorizing.  The finishing touches add so much, and it is often these things that truly define your style."  When she is not designing, Brenda also crafts and sells her own jewelry, custom home accessories, and floral arrangements.

Projects at Camelot Interiors are spread over a wide range in location and type.  Brenda has worked from coast to coast and on everything from small residential projects to restaurants, banks, and offices.  We welcome the opportunity to work with any project on any budget.  

As a designer, Brenda strives to create environments that are lived in, yet elegant.  A mix of classic and eclectic aesthetics often come together to create a space that is truly unique and personalized to each client's taste and style.


Thanks, Brenda, for your great advice, superb decorating taste, interpersonal skills, and responsive service. You are remarkable and a pleasure to work with!


We are very fortunate to have Brenda Myers as our decorating consultant. She has been assisting us since 2001. She undertook a major remodel of our home that included a transformation of the flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, window treatments, wall coverings, carpeting, countertops, and furniture. The result was total coordination with outstanding style and comfort! Her thoughtful concern for our personal tastes and preferences continues to be greatly appreciated. She is a master of her art!


I have worked with Brenda for over 20 years! She has decorated my entire house, including 2 large-scale renovations. She is a consummate professional, and very easy to work with. Her sunny disposition makes the process fun, not just bearable. She presents you with a number of different "looks" for your space, so you can choose entire re-do's, or partial ones (or even gradual ones!). Her ideas and color/texture combinations are creative, but the end result is always elegant. Costs are given ahead of time in written proposals, and never vary. The quality of wall/floor coverings, window treatments, and furnishings is top notch. Her sub-contractors (paint/paper/flooring/cabinets/counters/appliances) are well known in the Madison area for quality and reliability. I recommend Brenda to everyone I know, and have for many years!!


Brenda is available to visit my home and return calls whether I have a large ongoing project or a small item. I call her with questions even if I it does not involve a purchase. I really appreciate her as a friend. She has helped me over several years and with several decorating projects.


I would highly recommend Brenda Myers. I have used her many times. Everything from buying furniture, picking out fabrics, helping to choose colors - she has done it all. She is very professional.


As an extremely busy professional who lives in Madison part-time, I needed a project designer and contractor for my kitchen remodel who could give me thorough access to design decisions in a very narrow time frame. Brenda was able to understand my wishes, present clear options, and orchestrate demo and install without a hitch. I am thrilled with my new kitchen, and would recommend Camelot Interiors without reservation.


My husband and I have hired Brenda many times over the past 25 years. In fact, she has decorated every single room in our home. The reason we turn to Brenda is that she takes the time to get to know us, our values and our lifestyle. She thoughtfully and creatively integrates that knowledge into her design suggestions. She always provides a wide variety of options without overwhelming us. She always respects our choices but at the same time she makes very helpful suggestions. Brenda is also responsive, prompt and accommodating in the context of being respectful of our time and availability. 

We are completely satisfied with every room in our home.


Brenda does a great job of listening and fitting your style within a budget. She's thorough and detail oriented. I love working with her and will do so again in the future!


Brenda is the best of the best! She helped me on many occasions with my Middleton home! Brenda is delightful to work with and I could trust her judgement in all things!



"Brenda has provided interior design services for two of our homes. She was able to accurately assess our taste and select fabrics and furniture tailored to our style. She offered creative solutions to our design needs and was a pleasure to work with on a daily basis." 


"We have lived in our home for 19 years, and have continued to update the décor as our style and tastes have changed. When looking to update, we call Brenda. We have had great experiences as she works within our budget, and has transformed our home overtime to keep current with today’s standards.

Our neighbors and friends always have wonderful comments about our décor, and we have been a positive reference for Brenda.

She understands our style, and always brings us ideas that we incorporate , while expanding our tastes. The warmth of our home is a reflection of her design ideas."


"Art and I have had the privilege of working with Brenda Myers for the past 20 years.No matter the size of the project,we have had Brenda's complete attention!  Her fees are very fair. She is a terrific designer, especially with her use of style and color.  She uses tricks to make a room appear larger.  Brenda is a risk taker and knows how to introduce fun ideas and add little extras.  She is also punctual- when something is promised, it is there!  She has a true gift of listening to her clients."


"Our family was referred to Brenda from a close family friend.  Four years and 8 rooms later, our home feels so warm and welcoming. From the moment we first met Brenda, we felt an immediate connection.  She offers style and pizzaz, but has an amazing down home feeling that is is unpretentious, makes us feel comfortable, and works within your budget. We had a a broad sense of wanting a relaxed, ‘coastal’ or ‘lake” type feeling in our home, yet had no idea on how to achieve it.  The result:  Brenda lifted the bar and took the design and family feel of our home to another level.  We have worked with Brenda on our home on several levels, which also demonstrates her versatility.  She can readily consult with you on more ’simple’ jobs like paint colors and granite design, or, can work all the way up to a full kitchen design, furniture, and wall hangings.  We have worked with Brenda on both levels, based on the needs of the room and our budget, and knocked it out of the park each time!"


"20 years ago, I interviewed three interior decorators and hired Brenda.  For the same reasons I hired her then, I have continued to return over the years for her valued assistance.  Brenda certainly has her own fashion style when it comes to decorating, but more so than others in the same field, she possesses a unique talent of adapting to the style of her customer, producing results that represent “my look”, rather than Brenda’s personal taste.  Brenda is both a decorator and a teacher.  While I may know what I like when I see it, Brenda is amazing in her ability to help me define and refine my tastes through thoughtful conversation.  She is an excellent listener; a creative resource; fair in her pricing; and treats you as though you are her best client.  I know:  I couldn’t possibly be her best client; but I always feel like I am."  


“Our new house and office building were decorated with the expertise of Brenda.  She worked closely with us on selection of all floor and wall coverings, paint colors and the purchase of each room’s furniture and accessories.  She continues to be available to help us make decorating selections to keep the décor updated to current day designs.  We highly recommend the interior design expertise of Brenda.” 


“Brenda transformed our newly purchased house into a distinctive home that reflects our tastes and style. Brenda put together a beautiful color scheme for paint colors, wall paper, curtains and furnishings in all of our rooms. My husband and I love what she has done!”


I discovered Brenda's design studio when I began to develop a plan to redecorate our first home.   I was saving magazine articles and gathering inspiration, and Camelot Interiors quickly became my advocate.  That was over thirty years ago, and Brenda has not only helped to make our homes warm, comfortable, and beautiful, but has become a truly dear, and cherished friend.  If you are thinking to buy, build or perhaps just update your present home, I believe that Brenda at Camelot Interiors, with her skillful, and careful planning, professional design, and advice, can transform your home into a warm and inviting place for family and friends.  As a homeowner, Brenda will honor your choice of fabrics, and favorite colors, paint, and other ideas that you may have, but will coordinate, and skillfully see that all is appropriate, and ending with a lovely appearance.  I love it when guests ask, "Do you mind if we look around your home."  And then ask, "Who helped you in your planning."  I am happy to tell them that  I consulted with and hired Brenda Myers, the Creative Designer at Camelot Interiors in Middleton.  I have loved both homes that Brenda has helped me plan, and you will too.


“Brenda, in a professional and talented way, blends ideas into an excellent and highly personalized design.  Our home is very much ours with her expert advice making it just what we wanted.”


"Brenda Myers has helped my family to have a comfortable and beautiful home.  She quickly assessed our needs and lifestyle.  Her ideas and work are beautiful and creative.  My interactions with her were extremely organized and timely. I highly recommend Brenda and Camelot. "