Brenda Myers


A graduate of Illinois State University, Brenda has been involved in the design business for more than 30 years.  After a four year stint at a small interior design firm, Brenda broke out onto her own and has been working as principal of Camelot Interiors Inc. for over two decades.  Brenda is incredibly hands on in every aspect of the design, from conceptualization all the way down to the smallest details and accessories.  "One of my favorite components of the decorating process is the accessorizing.  The finishing touches add so much, and it is often these things that truly define your style."  When she is not designing, Brenda also crafts and sells her own jewelry, custom home accessories, and floral arrangements.

Projects at Camelot Interiors are spread over a wide range in location and type.  Brenda has worked from coast to coast and on everything from small residential projects to restaurants, banks, and offices.  We welcome the opportunity to work with any project on any budget.  

As a designer, Brenda strives to create environments that are lived in, yet elegant.  A mix of classic and eclectic aesthetics often come together to create a space that is truly unique and personalized to each client's taste and style.